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Consulting Engineers In Construction

We provide professional engineering services for all building types, from state of the art to historic buildings, our projects range from small domestic to major projects of framed and multi-storey design.

Structural Design and Detailing

We regularly design projects of reinforced concrete and steel framed construction, steel concrete and other composite construction, masonry, timber, structural aluminium and glass construction.

Modern Technology

Design is fully supported with computer structural analysis design aids and tools, including finite element model and space frame model structural analysis.Design and drawing is output using BIM and CAD facilities.

Refurbishment and Conservation Design

We provide professional services and have considerable experience in the refurbishment and or conservation of existing and historic buildings.Where appropriate this will include advice and design in respect of change of use.


Crucial to appropriate and economic design of such projects it is important to conduct careful inspection and appraisal of the existing building and proposed future use. This should include testing and inspection for material and timber decay, infestation, dampness and durability.

Structural Survey Report

This involves careful inspection of construction and immediate environment, together with inspection of Ordnance Survey Geological Maps held within our offices, for details of general ground conditions.

Report Content

Inspection will include an appraisal of the building drainage and services, but understandably the report will confirm that specialist advice should be sought for building services including power, gas, electrical and security installations.

Temporary Work Design

We do temporary work design and supervision of implementation all necessary procedures required under Health and Safety legislation and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

Appropriate Methods

Temporary works for structures, including needling, shoring, bracing and provision of adequate lateral support and stability are designed and provided using various available methods.


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We have successful completed more than 1150 structural engineering projects.

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Our expertise allows architects to realize their aesthetic visions, while our clients meet their commercial and operational goals.

Structural Design

We promote greater understanding of the structural engineering profession by sharing the achievements and milestones of the industry with the public – creating an immediate and lasting impression of how structural engineers shape the environment.

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